Black Ribisi 

When Marco Ribisi resolves to abandon a life of crime, his decision sends shockwaves throughout the shadows and alleyways of Washington D.C. Closing his gambling houses leads to the murder of one of his workers, and the attempted murder of Jelani Jones. To Marco, Jelani isn't just another worker; he's his muscle. And, more importantly, he's like a son. So this means all out war. 
The Ribisi family devise a plan that allows Marco to both achieve his goal and fulfill his vendetta. But before the plan is executed, tragedy strikes again. Lies, betrayal, and murder become the order of the day. The other crime bosses won't allow Marco to simply walk away. And Jelani may be the only one Marco can count on to save him. 
In Black Ribisi, author Rasheem Rooke shows how the criminal underworld of Washington, D.C. is more ruthless than any office on K Street or Capitol Hill. Extortion, drugs, prostitution, and illegal gambling serve as its four pillars. And one of those pillars is about to crumble to the ground, dragging the whole system down with it.

About the Book

Featured Author: Rasheem Rooke

Rasheem Rooke is a photographer, poet, novelist, and award winning spoken word artist. He has been a fan of suspense, thriller, and crime novels his entire life. Black Ribisi is his debut novel. In it, he uses a quick pace and a unique writing style to create a riveting story of suspense and intrigue.

Rasheem had attended the University at Albany - State University of New York in Albany, NY, (for undergraduate studies) as well as Howard University in Washington, DC (for graduate school). Currently he lives in Washington, DC and commits his time to college access and scholarships for low income students in the nation’s capital.